10/Aug/2017 – All systems working well. For iPhone Support see Support / Configuration in the menu.
Problems? Please contact us via email to “support@ any-mail.co.uk” (write this email address without the space) if you can no longer log in or you think your IP address has been blocked.
We block spamming IP addresses, and sometimes our users’ IP addresses get caught up in this.
Tip: Try accessing the web mail via www.ANY-Mail.ORG.uk, not just .CO.uk (two different servers).
Tip: If you can’t log in, try logging in with a different device, and also on a friend’s device away from your network.
If ANY-Mail.co.uk works elsewhere but not at your home/work, then your IP address has been blocked.

With ANY-Mail you are online across the globe – with all your messages at your fingertips.

We offer you access to your emails wherever you have access to the Internet. You can create, edit or send messages via our user-friendly Web Interface www.ANY-Mail.com or use your own mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Spam and virus protection are an integral part of our service. We take your privacy seriously and do not track or sell user data to third parties.

Our products range from ANY-Mail FREE, ANY-Mail SILVER, ANY-Mail GOLD to ANY-Mail BUSINESS and offer a cost effective platform for private individuals, community organisations and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Choose which product best suits your requirements and get started today. Our Product Guide offers an overview of the many possibilities with ANY-Mail. Do not hesitate and give us a try.

8 Responses to “Login”

  1. Dear ANY-Mail Users
    We are currently developing a new website for ANY-Mail, where there will be a support forum.
    In the meantime please only use this comment area when you believe that we have a general
    problem with ANY-Mail (i.e. website not available, emails not being sent or received, etc).

    By posting a support case you make it easier for us to react and restore service.
    Thanks for your help.
    Best wishes

  2. We are still in the middle of a systems migration and urge you to make a backup of your recent email
    data just in case. We have lost an important element of our backup strategy tonight and are doing
    our best to restore redundancy while we get a new server installed over the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks for understanding.

  3. We lost one of our brand-new servers last night and have spent all night and morning trying to restore the service to an alternative website. So sorry about any inconvenience caused – the team are doing their best to restore functionality. All emails were safe, just the access to the website was not possible.
    ANY-Mail is now active at two locations: http://www.ANY-Mail.com and http://www.ANY-Mail.ORG.uk
    Try the .ORG.UK extension if you experience problems in the future.
    Again, apologies.

  4. Our problem with web access via http://www.ANY-Mail.com continues.
    Having got our brand-new webserver going again after much effort, it fell over again after a day (HP DL380 G7 – new buyers beware. There is a well documented server reboot failure problem with this machine).
    We had to move our website back to the alternate location at http://www.ANY-Mail.ORG.uk (note the different extension).
    Some users are still experiencing problems with the web access via ANY-Mail.com. This is because of their browser cache, which needs to be cleared, before it correctly forwards to http://www.ANY-Mail.ORG.uk
    All other email services should work normally. All emails are being handled by another server, so there was never any question of data loss at any time during the recent web access problem.
    Needless to say we would like to apologise to all our users.
    It affects all of our team personally when these things happen.
    To be trying so hard – and yet failing – is very demoralising for us.

  5. 02/11/2011 – A hardware upgrade fault affected our mail servers today. Our ISP (http://www.AQL.co.uk) were amazing and did a late night call-out. We cannot recommend them more highly for server colocation – service above and beyond. Apologies to all our users.
    Incoming Mail was being held in queues and was resent as soon the servers came online again.

  6. 14/11/2011 – Due to systems architecture works to improve our response time in a system outage our servers are currently not on a daily reboot schedule. We experienced a serious spam attack yesterday which affected system resources. This would have been imperceptible to our users normally had the servers been rebooted daily as per usual. As it was, all our webclient users were affected by the lack of system resources and a failure of the http://www.ANY-Mail.com web interface to load properly.
    We apologise for this outage. We are working on making our systems more stable and resilient.
    Stay with us – new features are coming as soon as these upgrade works are completed.

  7. 29/01/2012 – Apologies to our web-mail users – we had a DNS issue today which meant that http://www.ANY-Mail.com redirected to the wrong server and was not visible. No messages were affected.

  8. 05/02/2012 – Apologies to our email users – our service was affected by a hardware outage of both server and backup server. Systems are all operational again.